About Us:

Rich in Fashions is having a cluster of fashion garment manufacturers and is having rich experience in exporting the garments.Rich in fashions is a contact office at Knit city Tirupur, India to the oversea high street retailers and reputed brand buyers to source their reliable garment manufactures and vendors at knit city Tirupur, India for supply of all kinds of knitted/woven garments for all age group people.

The Rich in Fashions is associated with a number of individual garment manufacturing factories, job working units and merchant suppliers and all type of garment processing centers like knitting, dyeing, rotary printing, embroidery, checking, packing and forwarding etc.Rich in Fashions is formed a cluster of factories by bringing together the existing several years experienced in manufacturing the products of the global brands/ high street retailers.

Rich in Fashions is having tie up arrangement with the reputed processing units for knitting, dyeing, compacting, printing, embroidery, checking, packing etc.Rich in Fashions will be in charge of brining coordination of all the activities connected with the manufacture, processing and exporting of garments to our overseas customers.

Rich in Fashions is based with enthusiastic and efficient management team to have effective communication with the overseas customers on day to day basis, and always ready to help overseas customers to find effective and creative solutions.Rich in Fashions as a coordinator of its cluster of factories transferring the purchase order received from the overseas customers to the individual factories of its cluster for execution and export the final goods directly to the foreign clients in their name.

Management Team:

One of the Partner of our unit is a B.E. Textile graduate rich experience in garment production and expert in sourcing of raw materials, labours and processing centers. Under his able leadership, merchandising and quality control supervisions are functioning to minimize the manufacturing defects and to monitor various quality checks during production.

Another partner of our unit is a retired Bank official, worked in our knit city for few years during service and experienced with various types of garment manufacturer and processors in small medium and large scale factories. The office management and communications are looked after by him, he is rich in knowledge and experience in export of knitwear�s due to handling of export finance.

We are having merchandisers and quality controllers for effective supervision and follow up.

Our Strength:

1. The agents of global brand Buyers and high street retailers are making use of our unit to place their enquiry of their required style /design in the prescribed measurements and sizes to manufacture.

2. All our foreign clients are fully satisfied with us due to receipt of their required quality and quantity, knitwear products in their target purchase price as well within schedule time without intermediates involvement .

3. Our unit will appraise the progress of their order work then and there and get their approval at every stage before proceeding to next stage of production, till export of furnished goods.

4. New factories are expressing their willingness to join with us after knowing the benefits enjoyed by the existing member factories with us. Every year our manufacturing factory units are increasing according to our supply requirements.

5. The present day combined strength of machineries of our cluster of factories is furnished below. All our units are having their own setup of cutting, sewing, checking, ironing and packing, printing, embroidery etc... for continuous running of their units

Where we are?

1. Tirupur is the District Head Quarter city in Tamil Nadu State in South India.
2. Tirupur is the seventh largest city of Tamil Nadu and one of the fast growing cities of the State. Tirupur is called the Knits capital of India.
3. Tirupur is one of the largest foreign exchange earning cities in India. Last year, the export turnover from the city was more than Rs 5,000 crore (Rs 50 billion). There are some 7,000 garment units in the town that provides employment opportunity nearly to one million people.
4. The first spot of any international buyer for Indian garments is Tirupur. Buyers from 35 countries frequently visit Tirupur. Tirupur can deliver customized samples in less than 12 hours; half a million pieces in a matter of day.
5. Fifty-six per cent of India's total knitwear exports come from Tirupur. The Export Import Policy of 2002-2007 makes laudable tribute to Tirupur for its contribution to the export efforts and calls it a 'Town of Export Excellence.
6.Some of the world`s largest retailers including Wal-Mart, Switcher, Diesel, Army, Tommy Hilfiger, M&S, FILA, H&M, Pink lemonade, HTHP, Whale, Reebok, VALUE, Pit stop, RESPECT import many textile items and clothing from Tirupur.