Cluster Approach:

Rich In Fashion introduced a new system called cluster approach to poll their manufacturer vendors aiming to establish a full pledged garment manufacturing cluster having all the fecilitier available within its cluster of factories. Accordingly the manufacturers units are selected based on the certain criteria they are as follows:


1. It should be the exiting reputed small and medium size factory having several years experience in manufacturing the products of the global brands / high street retailers.
2. It should have minimum required machineries of reputed brands besides owning special machineries like button hole and stitch, pin tucking, smocking, checking, ironing, packing
3. Their production capacity should not be less than twelve thousand pieces per month (three or four styles per month with three to four thousand pieces per style)
4. It should have all necessary amenities required for the workers and respect ILO norms. The products should be handled hygienically
5. The supervision and management of the unit should be directly by owners / partners and they should involve themselves in sourcing, planning, manufacturing and processing.
6. The factory should have any one of the processing facilities with them like knitting, dyeing, compacting, printing, embroidery, computer cutting.
7. The owners should have manufacturing skill, knowledge to understand the tech pack instructions, sourcing of the raw materials and labors.
8. The factory should have free hold machineries and free from interest burden and financially sound.
9. The factory over head and administrative charges should be at the minimum level.
10. The factory owners should know the techniques to minimize the percent of wastages in knitting by fixing proper dia rotary printing, cutting the fabrics.
11. The factory owners should implement cost cutting measures in practice.
12. The factory lay out should have all healthy , hygienic and safety requirements.
13. They should not have forced labours and child labors.
14. The factory workforce is free to join a trade union and to form association.
15. The factory should give equal opportunity to both men and women.

Cluster plan :

The cluster plan aims to bring together the existing reliable small and medium size expert garment manufacturing factories having several years experience in manufacturing the products of various global brand buyers overseas high street retailers under one cluster. Their factories are linked with the existing processing units like, knitting, dyeing, printing, embroidery etc to improve their work efficiency and to ensure the prompt delivery and to improve their productivity. Our cluster of factories put together is a full package garment manufacturing group having all the facilities required to manufacture the garments under one roof/ cluster , it helps to reduce the manufacturing cost and supply the garments at the best price to the overseas customers/ foreign clients.